Sr. No. Name of the Town/ Controlled Area
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Notification No. Notification Date
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Section Controlled Area Code
1. Controlled area around cantonment of Ambala 5254-VDP-70/4086 14-Jul-1970 4(i) AA001_14JUL70_AmbalaCantt
2. Controlled area around the municipal town of Ambala city 2547-2TCP-76/21147 25-May-1976 4(i) AA002_25MAY76_AmbalaCity
3. Additional controlled area at Ambala Cantt. 55172TCP-76/38964 26-Nov-1976 4(i) AA003_26NOV76_ACAAmbalaCantt
4. Additional controlled area at Ambala city 2TCP-81/5769 10-Apr-1981 4(1)(a) AA004_10APR81_ACAAmbalaCity
5. Controlled area around Naraingarh 13429-10DP-82/5480 07-Apr-1982 4(i)(a) AA005_07APR82_Naraingarh
6. Additional controlled area part I and II around the municipal limits of Ambala Cantt. CCP(NCR)A-CA-2/2085 17-Nov-1998 4(1) AA006_17NOV98_ACAAmbala-I&IIOutside
7. Controlled area around the Industrial Growth Centre at Saha CCP(NCR)ACA/2003/1345 25-Jun-2003 4(1)(b) AA007_25JUN03_Saha
8. Additional controlled area part-III around Ambala cantonment CCP(NCR)/CAA/2005/1337 11-Aug-2005 4(1)(a) AA008_11AUG05_ACAAmbala-IIIOutside
9. Additional controlled area part-IV around Ambala Sadar CCP(NCR)/AMB/ACA-IV/2006/3175 25-Oct-2006 4(1)(a) AA009_25OCT06_ACAAmbala-IVOutside
10. Additional controlled area Industrial Growth Centre Saha district Ambala CCP(NCR)AMB-Saha/CA/2016/2329 02-Aug-2016 4(1) AA010_02AUG16_ACASaha
11. Additional controlled area Part-V district Ambala CCP(NCR)AMB/ACA-V/CA/2017/2 02-Jan-2017 4(1) AA011_02JAN17_ACAAmbala-V