Sr. No. Name of the Town/ Controlled Area
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Notification No. Notification Date
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Section Controlled Area Code
1. Controlled area at Hisar 9859-V-DP-71/3654 25-Aug-1971 4(i) HR001_25AUG71_Hisar
2. Controlled area around the municipal town Hansi 2TCP-79/780 26-Mar-1979 4(1)(a) HR002_26MAR79_Hansi
3. Additional controlled area I around Hisar township 834-10DP-82 19-Jan-1982 4(1)(a) HR003_19JAN82_ACAHisar-I
4. Controlled area around Middle School of village Mayyar 1344-10DP-86/182/58 18-Dec-1986 4(i)(b) HR004_18DEC86_Mayyar
5. Controlled area around Government High School, Primary Health Centre, Agroha Vikas Trust and Mound JD92/SCA5/458 30-Apr-1992 4(i)(b) HR005_30APR92_Agroha
6. Additional controlled area-II around Hisar township CCP(NCR)/HCA-I/Vol.III/2002/1300 01-Jul-2002 4(1)(a) HR006_01JUL02_ACAHisar-II
7. Controlled area around village Talwandi Rana & Bahabalpur CCP(NCR)/HSR/TLWD-R(CA)-2007/3769 07-Nov-2007 4(1) HR007_07NOV07_TalwandiRana
8. Controlled area around village Durjanpur, Chikanwas and Landhari CCP(NCR)/HSR/TLWD-R(CA)2007/4242 05-Dec-2007 4(i) HR008_05DEC07_DurjanpurChikanwasLandhri
9. Controlled areas around village Uklana CCP(NCR)/HSR/ULN-(CA)-2009/2714 07-Oct-2009 4(1) HR009_07OCT09_Uklana
10. Additional controlled area around village Talwandi Rana CCP(NCR)/HSR/TDL/ACA/2010/83 12-Jan-2010 4(1) HR010_12JAN10_ACATalwandiRana
11. Controlled areas around Municipal Committee Limit Barwala CCP(NCR)/HSR/BWL-(CA)-2010/507 17-Feb-2010 4(1) HR011_17FEB10_Barwala
12. Controlled area boundary around Municipal Committee Limit of Narnaund CCP(NCR)/HSR-NARNAUND/CA/2010/2181 08-Jun-2010 4(i) HR012_08JUN10_Narnaund
13. Additional controlled area around Hansi CCP(NCR)/HSR-Hansi/ACA/2013/1979 05-Aug-2013 4(1) HR013_05AUG13_ACAHansi