Sr. No. Name of the Town/ Controlled Area
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Notification No. Notification Date
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Section Controlled Area Code
1. Controlled area around municipal town of Panipat 10165-VDP-71/3884 10-Sep-1971 4(i) PT001_10SEP71_Panipat
2. Additional controlled area II and III around Panipat 10DP-82/3163 23-Feb-1982 4(1)(a) PT002_23FEB82_ACA_Panipat
3. Controlled area around municipal town of Samalkha 8927-10DP-84/9752 03-May-1985 4(i)(a) PT003_03MAY85_Samalkha
4. Controlled area around Oil Refinery at village Baholi JD-93/CA-P-3/428 05-Mar-1993 4(i)(b) PT004_05MAR93_Baholi
5. Additional controlled area Samalkha CCP-NCR/PPT(SMK)/ACA-II/A/2006/3259 03-Nov-2006 4(1)(a) PT005_03NOV06_Samalkha
6. Controlled area-II Samalkha village Simbalgarh CCP(NCR)/NT(SG-PNP)/6/CA/2007/1615 20-Apr-2007 4(1) PT006_20APR07_Simalgarh
7. Controlled area-III Samalkha village Budhanpur CCP(NCR)/NT(SG-PNP)/6/CA/2007/1616 20-Apr-2007 4(1) PT007_20APR07_Budhanpur
8. Controlled area-IV Samalkha village Firojpur CCP(NCR)/NT(SG-PNP)/6/CA/2007/1617 20-Apr-2007 4(1) PT008_20APR07_Firojpur
9. Controlled area-V Samalkha village Rakashera CCP(NCR)/NT(SG-PNP)/6/CA/2007/1618 20-Apr-2007 4(1) PT009_20APR07_Rakashera
10. Controlled area-VI Samalkha village Basara CCP(NCR)/NT(SG-PNP)/6/CA/2007/1619 20-Apr-2007 4(1) PT010_20APR07_Basara
11. Controlled area-VII Samalkha village Karkoli CCP(NCR)/NT(SG-PNP)/6/CA/2007/1620 20-Apr-2007 4(1) PT011_20APR07_Karkoli
12. Additional controlled area around village Rajapur CCP(NCR)/PPT/RAJAPUR/ACA/2009/2681 25-Sep-2009 4(1) PT012_25SEP09_Rajapur
13. Additional controlled area around village Dadlana CCP(NCR)/PPT/DADLANA/ACA/2009/2679 25-Sep-2009 4(1) PT013_25SEP09_Dadlana
14. Controlled area around Israna CCP(NCR)PPT/ISRANA/CA/2010/200 21-Jan-2010 4(1) PT014_21JAN10_Israna
15. Controlled area around Madlauda CCP(NCR)/PPT-MLDA/CA/2010/1301 22-Apr-2010 4(1) PT015_22APR10_Madlauda