Sr. No. Name of the Town/ Controlled Area
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Notification No. Notification Date
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Section Controlled Area Code
1. Controlled area-I around the municipal town of Rewari 4463-2TCP74 16-Oct-1974 4(1) RI001_16OCT74_Rewari
2. Controlled area around Industrial Estate Dharuhera 943-2TCP-77 27-Feb-1978 4(1)(b) RI002_27FEB78_Dharuhera
3. Controlled area around School and Water Works at village Kapriwas 5807–2TCP-80 08-Aug-1980 4(1)(b) RI003_08AUG80_Kapriwas
4. Controlled area around Primary School at village Maheshari JD-91/A-86/10182 26-Jun-1991 4(1)(b) RI004_26JUN91_Maheshari
5. Controlled area around Primary School at village Ghatal Mahaniawas JD-91/A-86/10183 26-Jun-1991 4(1)(b) RI005_26JUN91_GhatalMahniawas
6. Controlled area around Primary School at Aakera JD-91/A-86/10184 26-Jun-1991 4(i)(b) RI006_26JUN91_Aakera
7. Controlled area-I around municipal town Bawal PC-97/191 12-Mar-1997 4(1)(a) RI007_12MAR97_Bawal
8. Controlled area around Primary School at village Khaliawas CCP(NCR)/RWR/KWS/CA(B)/2007/425 09-Feb-2007 4(1)(b) RI008_09FEB07_Khaliwas
9. Controlled area-II around municipal town Rewari CCP(NCR)/RWR(ACA-II)A/2007/424 09-Feb-2007 4(1)(a) RI009_09FEB07_Rewari
10. Additional controlled area-II and III around municipal town Bawal CCP(NCR)/Bawal/ACA-II, III/2007/1622 20-Apr-2007 4(1) RI010_20APR07_Bawal
11. Controlled area around Tehsil Complex Kosli CCP(NCR)/RE-KSL/CA/2009/2224 11-Aug-2009 4(1) RI011_11AUG09_Kosli
12. Additional controlled area-IV around municipal town Bawal CCP(NCR)RE-BWL(ACA-IV)/2013/244 23-Jan-2013 4(1) RI012_23JAN13_ACA-IV_Bawal
13. Controlled area-II around municipal town Dharuhera CCP(NCR)RE-MBIR/CA-II/2013/245 23-Jan-2013 4(1) RI013_23JAN13_CA-II_Dharuhera
14. Controlled area-III around municipal town Rewari CCP(NCR)RE-MBIR/CA-III/2013/247 23-Jan-2013 4(1) RI014_23JAN13_CA-III_Rewari
15. Controlled area-IV around municipal town Rewari CCP(NCR)RE-MBIR/CA-IV/2013/248 23-Jan-2013 4(1) RI015_23JAN13_CA-IV_Rewari
16. Controlled area-V around municipal town Bawal CCP(NCR)RE-MBIR/CA-V/2013/246 23-Jan-2013 4(1) RI016_23JAN13_CA-V_Bawal