Sr. No. Name of the Town/ Controlled Area
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Notification No. Notification Date
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Section Controlled Area Code
1. Additional controlled area around the municipal town of Rohtak 4587-VDP-69/3719 11-Jun-1969 4(i) RK001_11JUN69_Rohtak
2. Controlled area around town Meham JD-89/A-101/14072 05-Sep-1989 4(1)(a) RK002_05SEP89_Meham
3. Additional controlled area around municipal boundary of Rohtak 1107/CCP(NCR)/96 11-Oct-1996 4(1)(a) RK003_11OCT96_ACA_Rohtak
4. Additional controlled-II around extended municipal council boundary of Rohtak CCP(NCR)/RTK(ACA-II)/A/2006/1082 04-May-2006 4(1)(a) RK004_04MAY06_ACA-II_Rohtak
5. Controlled area around municipal committee limit of town Kalanaur CCP(NCR)/RTK-KLNR/CA/A/2006/1080 04-May-2006 4(1)(a) RK005_04MAY06_Kalanaur
6. Controlled area around Dada Chavan Rishi Temple at village Kahrawar CCP(NCR)/NH10/RTK-5/CA/B/2006/1380 13-Jun-2006 4(1)(b) RK006_13JUN06_Kahrawar
7. Controlled area around Radha Krishna Mandir Chulana Mor at village Ismaila CCP(NCR)/NH10/RTK-5/CA/B/2006/1381 13-Jun-2006 4(1)(b) RK007_13JUN06_Ismaila
8. Controlled area around Post Office at village Sampla CCP(NCR)/NH10/RTK/5/CA/B/2006/1384 13-Jun-2006 4(1)(b) RK008_13JUN06_Sampla
9. Controlled area around Government Girls Senior Secondary School at village Ismaila CCP(NCR)/NH10/RTK/5/CA/B/2006/1382 13-Jun-2006 4(1)(b) RK009_13JUN06_Ismaila
10. Controlled area around Hospital-cum-Breeding Centre at village Ismaila CCP(NCR)/NH10/RTK/5/CA/B/2006/1383 13-Jun-2006 4(1)(b) RK010_13JUN06_Ismaila
11. Controlled area around Pawan Putra Hanuman Mandir at village Sampla CCP(NCR)/NT(S-RTK)/7/CA/B/2006/1877 20-Jul-2006 4(1)(b) RK011_20JUL06_Sampla
12. Controlled area around Shiv Shakti Baba Kali Dass Dham at village Garhi Sampla CCP(NCR)/NT(S-RTK)/7/CA/B/2006/1876 20-Jul-2006 4(1)(b) RK012_20JUL06_GarhiSampla
13. Controlled area around Hanuman Mandir at village Garhi Sampla CCP(NCR)/NT(S-RTK)/7/CA/B/2006/1878 20-Jul-2006 4(1)(b) RK013_20JUL06_GarhiSampla
14. Controlled area around Dada Muthra Munsi Dharmshala at village Sampla CCP(NCR)/NT(S-RTK)/7/CA/B/2006/1880 20-Jul-2006 4(1)(b) RK014_20JUL06_Sampla
15. Controlled area around Lakarwali Dharmshala at village Kheri Sampla CCP(NCR)/NT(S-RTK)/7/CA/B/2006/1879 20-Jul-2006 4(1)(b) RK015_20JUL06_KheriSampla
16. Controlled area around Government Girls Middle School at village Giji CCP(NCR)/NT(S-RTK)/7/CA/B/2006/1875 20-Jul-2006 4(1)(b) RK016_20JUL06_Giji
17. Controlled area around Government High School at village Naya Bans CCP(NCR)/NT(S-RTK)/7/CA/B/2006/1874 20-Jul-2006 4(1)(b) RK017_20JUL06_NayaBans
18. Controlled area around village Hassangarh CCP(NCR)/RTK-HSNGRH /CA/2010/2574 29-Jun-2010 4(1) RK018_29JUN10_Hassangarh
19. Additional controlled area around Rohtak village Bhalaut CCP(NCR)/RTK-BHLT/ACA/2010/1774 18-May-2010 4(1) RK019_18MAY10_Bhalaut