Joint Site Inspection Team Report

Constitution of 'Joint Site Inspection Team' report (Click Here for Office Order)

In order to adhere to the time limits provided in the Haryana Right to Services Act, it has been decided that in cases involving approval of building plans and grant of Occupation Certificate a joint site inspection will be held and the site inspection report shall be forwarded to the Headquarter within 48 hours after the inspection of the site through E-mail for its hosting on the Website of the Department. The teams are required to inspect the sites jointly and submit their report to Headquarter for further processing the case within the prescribed time period.

The site inspection shall be carried out “Joint Site Inspection Team” comprising concerned officials/officers from the field/circle/HUDA offices and shall be forwarded to Directorate through E-mail on the date of inspection itself.

In case, further orders regarding constitution of Joint Site Inspection Team is required, the same may be issue at the level of Senior Town Planner concerned.